Thursday, December 21, 2017


I recently completed Hannah Eden's Core Crusher.  Below are my thoughts on the 8-week program.  Before reading my opinion, it's important for you to be aware of my past and current "core condition".  As many of you know, I developed Diastasis Recti (abdominal separation) after my daughter was born nearly 10 years ago.  Having Diastasis Recti and constantly looking pregnant was depressing and un-motivating.  Thankfully, I discovered MUTU SYSTEM and my life changed forever.  I healed my core and confidently strutted my flat tummy all around town.  Ok, maybe I didn't do that last part but I did get my confidence back and if you're interested in reading about my personal experience with MUTU SYSTEM, you can click HERE.  Perhaps you're wondering why your belly bulges out or maybe someone has asked, "When are you due?" when in fact you delivered your youngest child a year ago.  Either way, I do not recommend doing any Abs/Core program without first completing MUTU SYSTEM.  That applies to Hannah Eden's Core Crusher, which I have reviewed in-detail below.

Hannah Eden's Core Crusher is an 8-week program that, according to Hannah's website, is a "supplemental training program which will build the core you have always dreamt of."  It consists of 12 separate Core workouts and, if you follow the program as it is designed, you complete 4 workouts per week.  But wait, it's an 8 week program, right?  Yes, that's correct - the first 4 weeks contain a new workout for each session ... and then you repeat those workouts again for another 4 weeks (for a total of 8 weeks).  The program is given to you in the form of an eBook.  It's a digital download pdf that you can access through a link that is provided upon purchase.  The program is advertised as a no-equipment program appropriate for all fitness levels.  Now that I have completed all 8 weeks of Core Crusher, I'm able to give you my objective review of my experience.  Here are my thoughts ...

One of the best aspects of purchasing an eBook is that it's available to you immediately.  So, I really like how I ordered the program and then was able to get started right away (no waiting for products via snail mail!).  Also, being able to access the electronic program via my smartphone meant that I could easily stay on track while traveling.  The program is very easy to follow.  Each workout is clearly labeled (Week 1 Day 1; Week 1 Day 2, etc.).  You simply follow the program for each day as indicated.  Because I prefer to design my own workouts and rotations, I really liked how I was able to integrate Core Crusher into my existing workout plan.  Don't design your own workouts?  That's ok too - simply set aside a few minutes per workout to complete a Core Crusher session.  Speaking of "a few minutes", I really like the length of each Core Crusher segment.  Each workout within the program is approximately12-20 minutes in length.  

I like how each exercise within the program is demonstrated via video link.  So, if you're unsure how to complete a particular exercise, you simply click on it and view a short 10-second video of Hannah showing you how to do it.  The program isn't just a series of exercises targeting your mid-section ... like 3 boring sets of 20 boring reps.  Instead, all of the Core Crusher segments are completed via intervals (i.e.: 45 seconds of work followed by 15 seconds of rest).  The majority of the segments are broken down into 2 parts (i.e.: Part 1 may be cardio-based followed by a brief rest and then Part 2 may be floor exercises).  I suppose that's what I like best about the program - the fact that it incorporates some seriously challenging Abs exercises while also incorporating some tough cardio drills.  It's very comprehensive and definitely targets all aspects of your Core!

There are a few things that I don't like about Core Crusher.  The first disappointment would be the price.  At $59.99, I find this eBook to be significantly more expensive than most other online Abs programs.  But, I bought it and I know that I'm not the only one who did - so, obviously people are paying for it.  I do know, however, that there are several people who refuse to buy the program unless the price is reduced.  Aside from the price, I don't like how there's very little instruction for each exercise.  Yes, you have a video to watch but there are no cues or pointers with respect to form.  This isn't good for anyone who may think that they know how to do something but could instead end up injured.  I wish Hannah Eden did some voiceovers for each video so she could provide some cues of instruction or pointers/reminders on form.  The only other aspect of the program that I found disappointing was the fact that it's advertised as a "no-equipment" program but the second exercise listed on the very first day of the program is "Dumbbell T-Rotations".  Um, I'm pretty sure that a dumbbell is a piece of equipment.  There are also a few sessions that require running so unless you plan on doing these workouts at your local high school track, I'm pretty sure that you're gonna need a treadmill.  Of course, you could always substitute the running for another type of cardio, but you get my drift.  Also, since all of the workouts contain some type of timed interval, having a timer or app on your phone is pretty much a requirement.  If you don't have access to a timer, you won't be able to complete this program as it was designed.  

I absolutely love Hannah Eden's Core Crusher!  Completing this program forced me to make my Core training a priority and even though I have completed all 8 weeks, I plan on continuing for another round.  I may not complete them all in the order that they are listed in the program but I will definitely keep these awesome segments in my workout library arsenal.  I have recommended Hannah Eden's Core Crusher to many of my clients.  It's an advanced program but it can be scaled and modified to accommodate any exerciser.  If you're interested in completing an Abs program that is challenging and fun, head on over to and check it out!


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